Tips to create strong passwords

Are you interested in creating hard-to-crack passwords? Are you searching for the best password manager? If so, you’re lucky. As cyber-attacks continue to evolve, your password management skills should keep pace.

A recent study by the Ponemon Institute found that 51% of IT professionals reported that their organizations had experienced phishing attacks in 2020. The report also indicates that 12% were once victims of data theft attempts.

Before we highlight the findings of this study, let’s watch this brief inspirational presentation with tips on how to create strong passwords.

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The IT professionals and users interviewed were mostly concerned with protecting the following:

Health status 59%
Credit/Debit card info50%
Social Security No.48%
Login credentials44%
Physical location 40%
Personal Info to Protect by Ponemon Institute Report

The study also explored the changes in how professionals and users manage passwords and improve the security of their online accounts.

Here is a summary of the results:

  • 61% Users now use stronger passwords
  • 52% Change passwords frequently
  • 36% Use unique passwords
  • 35% Added 2FA or Multi-factor authentication

Source: Ponemon Institute Report

Though cybercriminals use sophisticated technologies and tricks to exploit security loopholes, you can do your part as the user to improve your privacy and security.

Photo visualizes online security. It creates urgency on the need to use the best password manager today. NordPass is a secure password manager.
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Tips to create strong passwords

We have done the research and compiled essential tips to enhance your online security.
Tip 1: Do not use personal info.
Tip 2: Do not use familiar names.
Tip 3: Avoid short passwords.
Tip 4: Use a password manager to secure your passwords.

Tip 5: Use a trusted and reliable VPN service.

If you want to store passwords securely in one place, a password manager software is recommended.

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