Facebook changes its name to Meta | What’s Meta?

Are you excited to move beyond what’s possible today? Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, publicized the new brand “Meta” on 28 October during the company’s annual AR/VR Conference. From now on, it’s Metaverse-first, not Facebook-first!

According to Zuckerberg, this is the next chapter of the internet and Facebook. If you are interested in understanding what rebranding to Meta means, this post is for you. Are you curious about Meta? How about Metaverse?

First, let’s watch a summary of what Facebook revealed about Metaverse on CNET YouTube.

Source: CNET

Now, let’s recap the history of Facebook’s invention.

How was Facebook Invented?

Did you know Facebook was invented by a group of Harvard University second-year students? Yes, Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard computer science student with three classmates, developed Facebook in 2003.

Stunningly, ‘Facemash‘ the original idea, was designed as an online service to allow users to rate the attractiveness of one another’s photos. Users would use the site to compare photos to determine who was ‘hot’ or not.
Though Zuckerberg got into many troubles for questionably using his computer science skills to bring the novel idea to life, Facebook is currently the most used digital product globally.

Internet Live Stats

Internet Live Stats shows Facebook now has 3+ billion active users. The idea that began in a dorm room is now an iconic social media brand connecting billions of people worldwide.

What is Meta?

Zuckerberg explained in detail the inspiration behind starting Facebook during the “Facebook Connect” conference. Facebook was invented when you could use the internet to find almost everything. From news, movies, shopping, the list goes on!
However, the internet lacked an essential ingredient; connecting people.

Facebook change name to meta. What is meta? What is metaverse? Meta and Metaverse logo and mockup designed with smartmockups.
Mockup Designed with SMARTMOCKUPS

So what’s Meta?
Meta is a Greek word which means “beyond.”
Why is Facebook changing its name to Meta?
According to Zuckerberg, Meta is a symbol that there’s is more to build. Beyond symbolizes that there is a next chapter to the story. Amazingly, this is the next chapter for the internet and Facebook company.

What is Metaverse?

But first, are you excited and ready to move beyond what’s possible today? If so, the metaverse is for you.
During the “Facebook Connect” conference, Zuckerberg highlighted how most Tech companies focus on how people interact with technology. Meta, formerly Facebook, focuses on building technology so that people can interact more.

Facebook change name to meta. The photo visualizes meta, metaverse, and name change to meta. The mockup up was designed using smartmockups.
Mockup Designed with SMARTMOCKUPS

Metaverse is the frontier

Metaverse is the frontier of this vision. It is an opportunity to change how technology is designed. Bringing metaverse to life requires the input of all of us, from developers, creators to enterprises of all sizes.
What are the opportunities and benefits of metaverse?
Zuckerberg noted that the opportunities of metaverse are unimaginable yet. However, he hinted that the metaverse would unlock a humongous digital economy.
The metaverse is envisioned to unlock massive opportunities for connection, learning, creation, and more.


The metaverse sounds interesting, right?
If you are a fan of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), you understand this better.
If you desire to discover and enjoy experiences beyond the screens and limits of physics, the Metaverse is the next chapter of the internet to join.
A future where with just a pair of glasses, you are stylishly ushered into a virtual world of experiences and novel opportunities.

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Oh my! See you on Metaverse!

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