Ready for Halloween? A critical review of the original Halloween film.

Are you ready for the Halloween holiday? Have you read about the history of Pumpkin carving art? If so, then you’re lucky because we have put together an insightful critical review about the original Halloween movie by John Carpenter (1978).

It’s an interesting read that will give you astute ideas and rarely told specifics about this classic film. You won’t want to miss it!

When is Halloween?

Halloween is set for October 31, 2021. The iconic holiday is celebrated annually on October 31st. It is linked to Samhain, a conventional festival and the eve of the Christian feast.

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But first, do you love horror movies?

If so, then you should check out the original Halloween of 1978. It’s a classic movie directed by John Carpenter and stars Jamie Lee Curtis. The film is about the night of Halloween in 1963 when a fictional character “Michael Myers” stabbed his teen sister to death.

He was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in an asylum but escaped 15 years later to return to Haddonfield for another killing spree on Halloween night. This time he has more than just his knife, he picks up a gun too!

Will anyone be able to stop him before it’s too late? You won’t know until you watch this classic masterpiece yourself!

Why is Pumpkin Carving Linked with Halloween?

You must have seen a lot of Pumpkin carving art trending online? Memes, photos, to contests. How about Halloween freebies and deals, from food to treaties? Be sure to see more of them from Instagram to Twitter as Halloween nears.

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Away from the memes and contests, have you ever wondered how these Pumpkins are linked with Halloween? The article “Why is Pumpkin Carving a Halloween Tradition?” by Emily VanSchmus provides an insightful answer to this puzzle. VanSchmus starts by questioning whether readers comprehend the roots of this tradition. 

VanSchmus highlights how Halloween reached the US. It is a tradition linked to Irish immigrants of the eighteenth century. You must have read a variety of stories about Halloween right? Did you read about Jack-o’-Lanterns?

How about the Stingy Jack and pumpkin carving? VanSchmus reveals that most of the fresh pumpkins produced in the US are sold for the Halloween holiday. Pumpkin carving art is also common in Ireland and other parts of Europe.

A recap of the original film

Though Halloween holiday 2021 is here, let’s briefly recap the script of the original Halloween movie by John Carpenter. One of the best ways to understand a film is to pick a character, follow keenly, and interpret their actions and roles.

Movies are like novels. They all tell unique and encrypted stories. Characters are portrayed differently to weave an interesting and encrypted masterpiece.

Let’s follow Laurie Strode, the heroine of the horror original film “Halloween”. Laurie is the heroine. Oh boy! She makes it through the night alive! But the elephant question – is it by random chance?

If you follow the film keenly, Laurie survived the night primarily for being sharply conversant with the surrounding. She senses the danger in Haddonfield and composes herself to respond courageously. Despite the scares of the night, she ventures boldly to check on Annie and Lynda. More so, she audaciously battles the Shape and secures her kids.

What is unique about the original script?

An article by McNeill and Mullins “Taking Shape: Developing Halloween from Script to Scream” provides a precise analysis of the original Halloween film. According to the authors, minimizing gore and bloody scenes to the viewer’s imagination distinguishes the Halloween film of 1978 as an outstanding masterpiece.

The architect, John Carpenter, must have surely thought most viewers will easily dismiss obscure scenes from the convenience of their theatre seats.

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John Carpenter was once tasked to elaborate on the original purpose of this film. Explicitly, was he making a moral statement? Carpenter responded on that the suggestion that this was a moral statement is unfounded. “Believe me, it was not” – Carpenter.

So what’s the morality tale theory of Halloween?

Guys, if you have read to this point, you must have realized how this iconic film is intriguing. Every viewer has a unique interpretation of a movie or play. Your interpretation mostly relies on your sources of information, understanding, and critical thinking.

From a critical perspective, it’s rousing how McNeill and Mullins link the morality of the film to how the murders occurred. The talented duo guides the readers through a concise trace of the entire cinematic journey of Halloween. For instance, they intelligently hint the readers to query why most of the murders occurred pre or post-coital.

After re-watching Halloween and reading more about it, analyze if most of the murders are linked to sexual activity. Or the victims were not keen enough to notice and repulse attacks from the Shape?

As you celebrate Halloween 2021 and grab those Halloween freebies and deals, share the bliss with your loved ones. If you are interested in critical reviews, McNeill and Mullins propose it would be best to enquire more about whether this masterpiece is deceptively simple by design. Could we be overthinking about this iconic holiday jam-packed with traditions and myths?

On Telegraph, the mastermind, John Carpenter brazenly stated about the original Halloween film:

“It is what it is. It’s a very simple film.”

Watch Halloween original and the latest Series to enjoy the scenes and learn more about this classic masterpiece.

Enjoy the memes, photos, and contests, and don’t miss to grab the freebies and deals as Halloween ushers the festive season in style!

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