Exclusive Cybersecurity QA Pamphlet

Cybersecurity has become a global concern. To protect yourself against hackers and cyberattacks, both IT & Cybersecurity professionals and Wi-Fi users need to have a deeper understanding of online anonymity.

Virtually 40% of World Economic Forum (WEF) leaders consider cybersecurity as a threat to the global economy. According to WEF Global Risk Report 2021, cybersecurity failure ranks 4th after infectious diseases, livelihood crises, and extreme weather events.

Do you use free internet services provided in public places like coffee shops, hotels, airports, and malls? What happens after you log out? Can your online activity be tracked? Get precise answers to these and more questions in an exclusive pamphlet designed for you!

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Explore the expert answers and do more research to make informed decisions about your digital life going forward. The answer to the puzzle of how authorities precisely identified the mastermind behind the Harvard University anonymous bomb hoax is featured.

Have you ever thought of the differences between Tor and VPN? Remember recently when you were browsing anonymously? You might have used Tor or VPN.

But first, what is the difference between these two services? And which one should you use? Let’s take a closer look at both and see how they can help protect your privacy online.

How does a VPN work

The first thing we need to do is define what each of these services does. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates an encrypted connection between your device and the server that hosts the website you want to visit. A VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel that secures the internet traffic of the users.

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This makes it much harder for anyone else to intercept that traffic on its way from your computer or phone to the site itself. For instance, the user chooses a specific city to connect to using a VPN. The VPN service provider connects the user to the server located in the city selected. As a result, the connection is more secure.

How does Tor work?

Tor takes things in a different direction by encrypting multiple times as data travels through various relays before reaching its final destination. So, even if someone manages to intercept some of those packets, they won’t have access to anything useful unless they break through several layers of encryption simultaneously. To do that requires immense computing power!

What exactly is Tor?

Tor is an anonymous network operated by The Tor Project. Tor encompasses various projects, including Tor browser, Tails, Stem, and more. The most popular Tor project is the Tor browser. Combining Tor with a strong VPN adds an indomitable security layer.

Tor plus vpn adds another layer of security. Tor and vpn enhances the security of your connections.
Photo by Stefan Coders on Pexels.com

Is Tor network entirely safe?

The story of a bright and studious Harvard University student, Eldo Kim, is often cited by experts and researchers when answering this question.

Do you want to learn from the mistakes of a Harvard student who sent an anonymous bomb-hoax using a computer? The moral lessons of this unfortunate cybersecurity incident inspire many internet users today across the world.

In December 2013, Eldo Kim, a Harvard student, was arrested for sending an email that claimed there were bombs in four buildings on campus. He used Tor and Guerilla Mail to send the message anonymously. The FBI got involved and he was charged with making threats over the Internet.

Photo visualizes Harvard. Relevant to Harvard case study of bomb alarm involving Tor and Guerrilla Mail services.
Photo by Matthis Volquardsen on Pexels.com

PS: Kim publicized his sincere apologies to all those negatively affected by the unfortunate cybersecurity incident. The list included the Harvard community, Cambridge citizens, responders, and security agencies.

What is the power of Metadata?

Tor + Guerilla Mail is a powerful and indomitable combination. An email sent using a combination of the anonymizing software can hardly be tracked. Tor masks your IP address and relays your connection through a series of Tor nodes. Guerilla Mail provides anonymous and temporary email services.

Ryan Budish in his article “A lesson in Metadata: Harvard Bomb Hoax” raises the fundamental question: “If Kim combined Tor and Guerilla anonymization tools, how did the FBI find him? Remember both anonymizing giants worked perfectly as designed to do.

With that ladies and gentlemen,

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Sample Questions

IT and Cybersecurity Sample Questions. What is the best operating system for anonymity? Can your online activity be tracked? how? How to choose a VPN.
QA Sample Questions

The pamphlet features fundamental questions and moral lessons from the Harvard University cyber incident. Find out how the authorities traced the mastermind behind the hoax.

Get access to five bonus questions, including how to choose a VPN, why you should avoid free VPNs, and how to find secured proxies.

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