How to write a research paper | 8-easy steps

Are you struggling to write a research paper? Are you about to write your next research paper and need some help revamp your skills? You’re lucky; this post is for you. Worry less, let’s make it easy for you.

Writing a quality research paper can be overwhelming and demanding. You have to come up with an idea, find credible sources, read the books and articles, take notes, organize your thoughts into an outline; the list goes on!

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We have tips that will guide you through the entire process of writing your research paper from start to finish. That’s why we created this post for you. You can even use this checklist to keep track of all your research paper writing process!

We want to help make writing that research paper easier by giving you vital tips and tricks. These simple steps will guide you through the process of writing, editing, and polishing for submission.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time writing a research paper or you’ve written dozens before; this post will give you the information that matters most so you can get started right away. And with our step-by-step instructions, there won’t be any room for error when writing research papers!

Step 1: Read Instructions

The first step when writing a research paper is to read the instructions. Understanding instructions is a crucial element of any writing activity. Instructions provide specific guidelines on what is expected and how the research paper will be graded. Learning institutions use unique grading rubrics for specific courses.

Tip: Ensure you read and comprehend instructions before starting to write your research paper. If you miss the instructions, your paper will not meet the academic threshold specified in the grading rubric.

What is a grading rubric?

A grading rubric is a specific guideline outlining the criteria for marking or judging a student’s work. Your professor will use the rubric as a scoring tool when evaluating your work. Smart students follow the grading rubric when writing research papers, essays, discussions, and related projects.

Step 2: Identify the Topic

After reading and understanding the instructions, you should identify the topic and scope of your inquiry. Define exactly the research paper topic and the type of research you will perform.

If you are writing a research paper or article for publication, you must consider the 4A’s of the writing process recommended by Talyor and Francis. Taylor and Francis is a top-ranked global academic publisher in STEM, Social Sciences, and Humanities.

  • Aims

When planning to write a research paper for publishing, identify and note specific aims to focus on when researching and writing. The aims will guide you make informed decisions when writing your research paper. For instance, the aims can guide you to write an effective research paper to enhance your professional profile.

They can also guide you to write an effective research paper to advance knowledge in your field of specialization.

  • Audience

Once you have developed the research paper aims, you need to envision a precise picture of your target audience. Understanding your target enables you to tailor your research paper to address their specific expectations and needs.

Are you targeting policymakers? Researchers? A special group of audience? The target audience will also influence your language and topics to cover in your research paper.

  • Awareness

When writing a research paper or article, it is vital to be aware of the existing research. Awareness enables a researcher to tailor their work in the appropriate and current context. Consider the ongoing debates and findings of recently published studies.

  • Articulation

Create a logical structure to follow when writing your research paper. Taylor and Francis publishing recommend that researchers consider writing the introduction and conclusion after completing the body sections of the research paper.

Step 3: Find Credible Sources

The quality of the sources determines the quality of a research paper. The “Garbage In, Garbage Out” computer term coined by George Fuechsel, applies here. Fuechsel, an IBM programmer, developed the term to teach students how computer processing works.

How to write a research paper. How to find credible sources.
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How do I find credible sources?

Do the following: Check source authorship, publication date, peer reviews, publisher details, and more.

Use your library, trusted publishers, and online databases to find credible sources to use in your research paper. You can check Taylor and Francis publisher, ProQuest, Google Scholar, JSTOR, ScienceDirect, PubMed, and more trusted databases online.

Step 4: Follow Research Paper Writing Rules

Academic writing and publishing are guided by a set of rules and standards that a researcher, writer, or student should follow when writing a research paper.

The guidelines outline a specific logical structure to follow. Depending on the research focus, subject, or course, you must follow specific format and style.

Tip: Check our previous posts to learn how to format and cite a research paper in MLA, APA, and more styles.

Step 5: Take Notes

The first step in writing your version of a masterpiece research paper is to read through the credible sources you have found. Gather data relevant to your research topic and take notes accordingly.

Step 6: Writing a Draft

The simplest structure of academic writing consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use the notes derived from credible sources to develop your first research paper draft. Ensure that you properly cite and reference your sources to avoid plagiarism.

Step 7: Edit and Format the Draft

Use writing tools and software to edit your research paper draft. Use Grammarly to ensure that your research paper is precise, interactive, and polished. A premium Grammarly plan enables you to identify and fix grammar, readability, and fluency issues.

Get assistance on fluency, plagiarism detection, and more on a premium Grammarly plan.

Tip: Check our previous posts for more details about the best writing tools for writing research papers and related projects.

Step 8: Save and Submit the Polished Version

Counter-check your final draft to ensure that everything is polished. Ensure that you have properly cited and referenced your sources. If you are using APA, confirm that your reference page entries are correctly formatted. If you are using MLA, ensure that the works cited page is formatted correctly.

Congratulations! Your research paper is now ready for submission.

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Writing a research paper is an essential skill for students and researchers. Whether writing your term paper or publishing on your favorite journal, your masterpiece is guided by academic and publishing standards.

Once you read and grasp the instructions, determine your topic and scope. Get your favorite cup of coffee and find those credible sources. Choose sources wisely, do proper research, and follow your professor’s instructions.

If you need more resources and guidance on writing quality research papers, feel free to drop a message.

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