APA 7th edition notable changes | Summary of changes

The American Psychological Association (APA) released APA 7th edition, an upgrade of APA 6th edition, in October 2019. The primary objective of this post is to highlight the most notable changes in this novel APA 7th version. The notable changes include title page formatting, running head, publisher location, DOI, retrieved from, bias-free language, and mechanics of style.

  • The Title Page

According to Purdue Owl, APA 7th edition recommends unique title pages for professionals and students.

The contents of a professional title page are the paper title, name of each author, affiliation of each author, author note (if necessary), a running head, and the page number.

The contents of a student’s paper title page are paper title, author name, affiliation, course number and name, instructor’s name and title, assignment due date, and the page number.

apa 7th publication manual 2020 new edition. apa 7th edition. apa format.
Source: APA
  • Sample Student Paper Title Page
apa 7th new edition sample student paper title page 2021. apa title page, apa referencing, apa format.
Source: Libguides
  • Running Head

Please note that the running head is no longer required on the title page of a student’s paper. The shortened paper title and page number are only required.

apa 7th new running head change. No running head in apa 7th student paper. apa format, apa citation, apa style.
Source: Scribbr
  • Publisher Location

The location of the publisher of the source is no longer required in the reference.

No publisher location in new apa 7th edition. apa 7th edition, apa citation, apa format, apa style.
Source: Libguides
  • APA Headings

Level 1: Centered, Boldface, Title Case Heading

Level 2: Flush left, Boldface, Title Case Heading

Level 3: Flush Left, Boldface Italic, Title Case Heading

New apa 7th edition heading levels. Heading level 1, level 2, level 3. apa format, apa style, apa referencing.
Source: Purdue Owl
  • In-text Citations

The in-text citation for a source with three or more authors is shortened to include only the first author’s name and “et al.”

apa 7th new edition in-text citation. Use et al. for sources with more than three authors. apa citation, apa format, apa style, apa refencing.
Source: Scribbr
  • Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)

The label DOI in a source is no longer required. DOI is formatted like a URL.

apa 7th doi formatted like a url. apa citation, apa style, apa format, apa referencing.
Source: Scribbr
  • No “Retrieved from” in URLs

Unless a retrieval date is required, “retrieved from” is no longer necessary in APA 7th edition. Instead, include the name of the website.

apa 7th changes in retrieved from. Only use when necessary. apa referencing, apa format, apa style, apa citation.
Source: Scribbr
  • Bias-free Language

APA 7th new edition strongly endorses inclusive and bias-free writing. Authors are encouraged to reduce bias when writing about gender, racial identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, and sensitive issues.

New apa 7th publication manual 2020 endorses bias-free language. apa 7th edition, apa style, apa format, apa referencing.
Source: Scribbr
  • Mechanics of Style

The new APA 7th edition has minimal style changes compared to APA 6th edition. However, fundamental changes to note on style are the use of period and italics.

When referring to linguistic examples, use double quotation instead of italics.

  • Reference List

Lastly, there are minimal changes in the reference list section in APA 7th edition from APA 6th.

For instance, few changes were introduced on how to cite electronic sources.


The simplified guide highlights and visualizes the most notable changes in the new APA 7th edition.

Why should you cite sources?

Always cite and reference sources correctly in your research papers. It is the best way to properly credit the authors and enable the readers to locate and access the sources easily.

More importantly, it helps you to avoid plagiarism.

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