Advantages and Disadvantages of MOOCs

What are the benefits of massive open online courses (MOOCs) today? The post highlights some of the key practical and philosophical benefits and disadvantages of MOOCs.

  • What are the philosophical benefits of MOOCs?

Massive open online courses continue to play a critical role in transforming education into a public good. MOOCs make it easier to enroll and pursue online courses from the comfort of the learner’s location.

  • What’s your favorite online course?

From photography, video editing, programming, or gardening, unquestionably, any course you may wish to pursue is available online. 

  • What are the practical benefits of MOOCs?

Advancement in technology has made it easy for everyone connected to the internet a click away from a favorite online course. MOOCs have created opportunities for Elearning platforms and instructors to connect with learners on a global scale.

  • What are the are the advantages of MOOCs?
  1. You learn from your comfort zone – With an online course, the student has the freedom to choose where to learn.
  2. Easy access to learning resources – You are a click away from vast online learning materials with reliable internet access.
  3. The pricing is favorable – Elearning platforms offer free and paid online courses. As the learner, you choose a course you can afford.
  4. You can learn many courses – Online learning platforms offer multiple courses. From video editing to programming, you will never lack a course to pursue online.
  5. Connects you with more instructors and online learners – Massive open online courses create a rich platform for online learners to interact globally.
  • What are the key disadvantages of MOOCs?
  1. Self-discipline is paramount – You must learn to be highly disciplined to stay focused and achieve the online course objectives.
  2. High attrition rates – Recent studies indicate that nearly 15% of enrolled students completed an online course.
  3. Technical difficulties – Some online learners have expressed concerns about various technical challenges pursuing online courses.
  4. Lack of attention – Due to the nature of an online course, some online learners may not concentrate fully through an online course.
  5. Limited assessments – Some online learning platforms offer limited student assessments. For instance, offering multiple-choice questions may not sufficiently assess a learner.  


Massive open online courses have transformed education into an easily accessible public good. Individuals and businesses interested in elearning must take advantage of the affordable and easily accessible online courses, from video editing to programming.

However, the providers of online courses must take the initiative to address the current challenges of MOOCs. Online learning platforms must develop innovative solutions to address concentration challenges, high attrition rates, and technical difficulties.

Tip: Create an interactive and personalized online learning experience.

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