Searching for a free Udemy course in 2021?

Have you ever wondered why popular online learning platforms like Udemy offer free courses? According to Udemy, free online courses enable instructors to attract a large student audience and test the demand for specific courses.

The post highlights what instructors and students need to know about Udemy free courses in 2021. Free courses are part of Udemy’s recent efforts to roll out novel, simplified, and free course experiences worldwide.

  • Why is Udemy banking on free course experience?

Udemy started rolling out free online courses in March 2020. The free courses allow more instructors to try teaching on the platform and gauge the demand for specific courses.

Competent instructors are leveraging the opportunity to build student audience and receive risk-free feedback on their courses.

  • What’s the difference between a free and paid course?

According to Udemy, the features available in a free course plan are limited compared to a paid plan. For instance, direct messaging, Q&A, and completion certificates are missing in the free Udemy course plan.

Udemy elearning platform - Udemy course, udemy free courses, udemy free online courses 2021. Frequently asked questions about Udemy free courses.
Source: Udemy
  • Changing from a free to paid Udemy course

Yes, you can change from a free course to paid course plan once. Remember, instructors can change the price of the online course at any time. Consequently, consult with your instructor or Udemy customer support for more details on how to change your plan correctly.

  • What do you need to know as an instructor?

Undeniably, the opportunity to offer a free online course is an interesting offer for instructors! Take advantage of the opportunity to get student’s feedback and check the demand for your course.

Package your course according to your target students’ specific needs and be sure of enrollments and increase in revenue.

  • How to build social proof for your online course

Some Udemy instructors prefer to offer their online courses free for a limited time to launch social proof. While this strategy can attract significant student enrollments, Udemy recommends coupons instead.

  • Udemy coupons

Udemy recommends that instructors offer free coupons to family, friends, and colleagues interested in enrolling for the specific course.

Capitalize on the free coupons to collect honest feedback and enhance your course.


Take advantage of free udemy courses to learn more and improve your knowledge and skills.

Visit the Udemy website to learn more about available free courses.

You can also search online for valid free coupons and enjoy the free course experience.

Pleased right?

How about enrolling in a paid plan? Make a purchase and enjoy the premium features, including direct messaging, Q/A, and certificate of completion!

Click here to read more about Udemy free courses.

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