Top 10 Elearning Platforms 2021 [Infographic]

Are you searching for the best online learning platforms in 2021? You’re on the right page. This post will show you the top 10 online learning platforms in 2021. Key statistics like top courses offered, average course enrollments, and more are highlighted.

  • Udemy

Udemy currently offers 183K+ online courses and boasts 594M+ course enrollments. Check out on them and consider enrolling for your favorite course.

Udemy statistics June 2021. Illustrates elearning, udemy, udemy free courses, and mooc.
Source: Udemy
  • Skillshare

Skillshare is a fast-growing online community targeting innovative online learners and educators. Check out on their courses and workshops for more details.

Skillshare offer thousands of elearning courses in 2021 designed for real life. Skillshare online courses.
Source: Skillshare
  • Thinkific

Thinkific provides software and tools for creating, promoting, and selling online courses.

Thinkific's powerful all-in-one platform 2021 enables businesses scale business. Thinkific free online courses.
Source: Thinkific
  • MasterClass

MasterClass offers 100+ online courses from the best experts worldwide.

MasterClass offer 100+ courses by some of the best experts globally. Masterclass online courses from food, design, music, business, and writing.
Source: MasterClass
  • Coursera

Coursera offer professional certificates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees from top-notch universities and companies.

Coursera collaborates with more than 200 world-class universities and companies to offer professional certificates and degrees. Coursera free online courses.
Source: Coursera
  • edX

edX hosts more than 20K free online courses from world-class universities, including Harvard University and MIT.

edX a massive open online course (mooc) based in the US. edx online courses from computer science, data science, business, design, to healthcare.
Source: edX
  • Udacity

Udacity collaborates with various industry partners to offer nanodegree programs for individuals, enterprises, and government.

Udacity offers nanodegree programs to individuals, businesses, and governments. Plus online tech courses, digital marketing, and scholarships.
Source: Udacity
  • Learnworlds

Are you an educator looking to create and sell online courses and memberships from your website?

Then, check Learnworlds’ features!

Learnworlds is one of the best elearning platform today! The best and most accessible platform for creating online courses. Learnworlds free online courses.
Source: Learnworlds
  • Kajabi

How about creating online courses, podcasts, memberships, coaching programs, and websites in one place?

Sounds perfect right? Kajabi offers powerful tools and integrations to monetize your knowledge.

Kajabi is an all in one platform for creating online courses, and websites, podcasts. Plus analytics, market automations, premium, and free trial products.
Source: Kajabi
  • Teachable

Teachable is a powerful and simple all-in-one platform for creating and selling online courses.

If you are looking for easy to use tools to create and market online courses, Teachable is your best fit.

Teachable 2021 offers a powerful and simple all-in-one platform for educators to create online courses and coaching programs.
Source: Teachable


In brief, elearning platforms offer various features, plans, and tools tailored for specific functions and users.

Therefore, visit each platform’s website to choose what suits your needs.

Check our our latest posts for more interesting updates.

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